Welcome to the House of Ribeyes

If you are looking for a cut of meat that is sure to satisfy your appetite, come to the House of Ribeyes. We are family-owned and operated and have been serving up USDA high quality cuts of beef since 2003.

We specialize in ribeye steaks, using only beef from Omaha Steaks in Nebraska. The cut of beef is mid-western grain fed and each steak is personally hand-cut. The superior marbling texture ensures a superb quality of steak. Our loins arrive fresh after aging for a minimum of 21 days.

At the House of Ribeyes, all entrees are grilled and served with a salad bar, choice of potato or steamed veggies, and texas toast. The salad bar is prepared fresh each day using romaine and iceberg lettuce, and offers 26 different items. Our salad dressings feature only the premium quality Ken's Steak House dressings.

We believe that keeping things simple, creates an exceptional dining experience for our customers. Our menu is short but focuses on delicious dishes that are made to order every time.

When you come in the House of Ribeyes, you will be guaranteed two things- personalized steaks and service. Our friendly and attentive staff focuses on making sure every customer is satisfied with their meal. A unique thing about our restaurant is that you can see your food prepared at the grill. We have also been featured in "Our State" magazine as one of the top ten steak houses in North Carolina.